The official DTV Delay Discussion thread

So, as many of us have heard, Obama wants to extend the transition date to a later time because of the shortage of funds for coupons as well as people still not being ready.

I'd like to hear what peoples opinions are on this, and what you think will happen.

As of now, it looks like the delay is gonna go through. But I can't say for sure.


Jason Fritz

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I think the FCC chairmen recently told the press there's like a 50/50 chance of the transition staying on schedule. Here's a story released today on Qualcomm opposing a delay: DTV Transition Gains Steam as Qualcomm Pushes Back - PC World

There are a lot of companies that are not too excited about a delay, and for good reason... Some of them have won the spectrum auction to use some of the old analog airwaves for cellular services, etc. Plus, emergency responders are planning to use some of the old frequencies as well.

What do I think? The transition date probably needs to be pushed back. I think there's a recent Nielson poll (December 2008) that shows something like 7 million not ready for DTV, and there's still the issue of DTV coupons not available for applicants forcing them on a wait list. If anything, the Government probably should have broken the transition down into 4-5 sections starting with Hawaii, Alaska, and the West coast. It would have probably helped out with converter box demand - supply and given the DTV coupon program less strain due to less applications at the last minute.

What do you think Static?


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Why push the date back? Why reward procrastinators? Plus, it's already confusing enough without having a different date, and what happens when the the June date arrives? Are they going to push it back again?


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News Update from Cnet: Campaign to delay DTV transition gets a boost | Wireless - CNET News

It looks as though the digital TV transition will likely be delayed now that a group of Senate Republicans agreed to a plan that would push it back to June 12.

Senate Republicans blocked Democratic efforts to push back the deadline just last week. But it looks like they've had a change of heart after working with Democrats to hammer out amendments to the bill. The DTV Delay Act, as it is being called, is expected to be voted on early next week.
I say delay it. This whole thing is going to turn into a mess if they don't push the date back at least a couple of months.

It's one thing trying to get everyone to purchase a converter box, but when you throw bad reception into the mix, it's just plain confusing for everyone. There just wasn't enough money budgeted for reception information and help.

I wonder how much it's costing each television station to upgrade their broadcast towers/equipment?
the deadline has been pushed back till June, but broadcasters are not required to wait they can go as of Feb. 17, the problem lies in that the frequencies have been sold off so there is no where to go back to.
All this nonsense of “I didn’t receive mycoupons”, “they didn’t have boxes”, etc. is a bunch of hogwash from people who, even if the program were delayed for a year, would still not apply for the coupons and get a box until their screens went blank. I stubbed my toe last nite, and don’t have a bandage. You think the government could send a man out to take a look at it?

I know that sounds harsh, but if you think about it it's true in a way. 4 more months, will not do much, really.

It's human nature to procrastinate, and just like life, some people like changes, some don't.
And from another view, it's just television. It's not like the world is gonna end without it. The economy is in a ************ pot. They should be focusing on other things rather then wasting money on tv.

Get it over with, the only way to shove it down the lazy people's throats is to pull the plug and let them wake up with a static screen.

"well, i guess they were right marge, i'm gonna run out and pick up one of those boxes".

I also read that if this dely really DOES go down, that PBS will have to shell out $20 million. Not sure what it's for though.

This will hurt alot of stations.
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