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Official NORAD Santa Tracker

Background information from Kim Komando ( :thumb:

"Tonight, Santa is setting off to deliver presents around the world. It's a long journey, and knowing where he is can be tough. Fortunately, the military keeps track of Santa's progress.

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, has tracked Santa since 1955. The entire thing began as a typo. Sears released a promotion encouraging kids to call for Santa updates. But the phone number was misprinted.

Hundreds of kids ended up calling NORAD instead. And the military personnel decided to play along. They gave out updates. A tradition was born." ...


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I have always loved this tradition and have known about it for years. It's a wonderful way to follow Santa. I think the NORAD guys are great for doing this.
We had a surprise on Christmas Eve where I live. At first I thought there was a fire because there were sirens and lots of noise, but it turned out to be Santa getting police escorted through the neighborhoods in his sleigh!