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Fringe Reception

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About ten to fifteen years ago there was a 'walk-in-the-door' Toaster Museum located in downtown Seattle. I never got the chance to visit it, but I wonder if this is the same collection. WOW!


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hehe cool EV. Here's one from before the 1920's,

I miss the old hinge kind that actually squeezed the bread a bit, kind of like a waffle maker style. Wonder if they still make those?
Shoot! none of the older Toaster-Ovens are listed. we used to have a really nice ToastMaster from the late '70s that had a very psychedelic heating element...too bad it took a dump about 10 years ago :(

It also had a very futuristic lid...when it was finished it would spring the front lid open and shoot out the tray at the same time! that was super cool!