The Pilot Episode


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I'm a big fan of "Fringe", but going off of what I've seen from the subsequent episodes since the pilot episode, I haven't seen an episode that has outdone the pilot.

Maybe I'm basing my decision more so on the "The Ghost Network" episode than anything, just not enjoyable to me. Anyone else agree?


I loved the Ghost Network. We got to learn a little more about Dr. Walter Bishop 's impairment, which obviously is not as bad as he makes it out to be. Who do you guys think is behind the Ghost Network? Massive Dynamic?


yeah I have to agree with you, but they really did want to make it work and that is why they have not yet done anything major like that. I think that they want it to go on for a while.


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The Pilot episode is always the best, I found that it was the best on this show too, the next episode wasn't bad but then it started to go down hill, it was like the writers were getting bored and ended up doing really silly story lines.

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