The Strange Lure of 'Mrs. Eastwood and Company'


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Reality TV, like it or not, seems to be here to stay, at least for some time to come. I tend to prefer the competition shows, versus the depiction ones, like the famous Kardashian outings. However, I was strangely drawn to the E! series, Mrs. Eastwood and Company. No doubt the fact that it is Mrs. Eastwood, as in Dina Eastwood, wife of Hollywood icon, Clint Eastwood, has a large part to do with it.

View attachment 1779 I actually recall watching Dina many years ago when she co-hosted one of the Candid Camera syndicated series. She did a nice job, and I enjoyed watching her. Since then, I have not thought much about her until reporting on this reality series earlier this year. I guess I was curious to see how things were in the Eastwood household.

It is interesting, too, that part of the show centers on Francesca Eastwood. She is the result of Clint's relationship with actress, Frances Fisher, who I also remember from her soap opera days, prior to her link up with Clint and her theatrical success in Titanic. Francesca is a young adult, clearly uninhibited and definitely going through first love pains while trying to stay connected to her parents.

Clint and Dina's daughter, Morgan, is a typical teenager, only with a lot of privileges and indulgences that the average teen does not have. Somehow, I do not think Dina, who grew up financially challenged, is aware of just how privileged her daughter's life is. It is odd, but true, based on the first several episodes that have aired. What is frustrating is that Dina claims to want Morgan to have those traditional values, and yet from what I have seen, Dina tends to relent. I just do not see Morgan ever getting a solid "no" to anything.

Oddly, Dina comes off as a flustered mom, wanting to be sensible and responsible, and yet somehow, she just does not get there. With Clint gone quite a bit as he produces, directs, writes, and acts his way through his accomplished career, Dina apparently has to manage the girls. Maybe Clint should stay home more, especially when Dina goes off to get a body piercing simply because if she does it, Morgan will think it is not cool.

There is an odd lure to this show, but I am not sure now how much of it is the Eastwood family or the band that Dina supposedly is managing. The dynamics within that group, called Overtone, are equal to any soap opera I have ever watched, especially with its conflicts over sexual preferences.

Thus, in a sense, Mrs. Eastwood and Company is another world where the participants try to make the most of their one life to live without checking into General Hospital. You could say it is a case of the bold and the beautiful struggling for success, or maybe it is just the young and the restless doing what we all do during the days of our lives, only in a much more public way. Stay turned for more of As the Eastwoods Turn.


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