The Top TV Shows To Watch On Hulu Plus In 2014

Hulu Plus has a lot to offer if you are a television fan. It doesn’t have quite the back catalog that Netflix does, but for current television viewers it has the benefit of making things available the day after they air on cable television. In America Netflix hasn’t come to that point yet. If you are a big TV viewer, you need to be checking out these shows on Hulu Plus this year.

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report
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These are lumped together because you can’t have one without the other. Every morning you can watch the previous night’s shows and find out what is happening in the world of politics in a way that won’t drive you crazy. Jon Stewart plays the straight man and sets up the insane brilliance that Stephen Colbert has truly grown into.

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Community is a controversial show in some respects. It has at least been surrounded by it. 2014, however, brings back former show runner Dan Harmon after being unceremoniously fired from the show. Following the best community college study group has never been so much fun. Hulu lets you watch it every Friday and this is the season to watch if you haven’t before. Opening with a “RePilot,” it is set up to invite new people to become fans and hopefully give it the momentum it needs to go forward for “Six Seasons and A Movie.”

Saturday Night Live
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This show is an institution. Lorne Michaels has created something that just can’t be stopped, no matter what happens. The cast isn’t quite magical like it has been in years passed, but there is always something to be seen on this show. It’ll be Sunday Pre-recorded for those on Hulu Plus, but every week there is something new hosted by a famous celebrity and musical guest.

Dr Who
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Dr Who continues to air and is available in it’s entirety on Hulu Plus. Over 400 episodes make a great way to kill a week or two, with limited commercial interruptions. For science fiction fans this is a love it or hate it deal, but it is something that has also drawn in many people who aren’t traditionally sci-fi fans.

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The ending of Lost was controversial among fans, but the series as a whole is something that you should definitely watch if you haven’t seen it. 2014 isn’t too late to get in on the still strong fandom around this show. With one of the biggest casts in television history, this tale of strangers stuck on a mysterious island delves into a lot of different themes that aren’t often found on a network, prime time show. JJ Abrams if probably familiar to you even if you haven’t seen lost, though, since he has moved on to Star Trek and now Star Wars directing fame.

The Shield

Sons of Anarchy is one of the biggest shows on cable television right now, but Hulu Plus has the previous Kurt Sutter and Shawn Ryan run show The Shield. This is a more overblown version of the realism that The Wire gave us, but it nonetheless offers a unique look into what can happen when cops go rogue trying to deal with inner city violence, drugs, and politics.
I think I'm going to give hulu a try because everyone keep on talking about hulu. It must be like Netflix. I use to watch lost and it was a pretty good show. Maybe I should go back to watching it. There are so many good television shows that I love to watch. Someone was telling me that shield is a great show. That's probably one of the popular shows out. At least that's what I hear.


Not only do you get commercials but list shows they only have clips for, no episodes. Some shows on only available to watch on a PC. So they can't be enjoyed on a tablet or on my TV with Roku. Not worth the money because most of the shows I want to watch are on Netflix. Hulu more limited then it seems. It's packed with crappy movies and bad forgien TV. Spend more time browsing then watching.