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Did you miss an episode of your favorite show? Did you forget to setup a recording? Not at home and want to watch TV? With the U-verse Mobile app, you can do all this! You can stream your favorite movies and shows on just about any compatible Internet-connected mobile device you own, anywhere you go.* You can also record your shows if you are not home and live stream most channels outside of your home network!

U-verse How To Download

  1. Download the U-verse App from the app store – it is available on most devices. Click here to see a list of compatible devices.
  2. Enter your user name and password, if you do not know, your user name. Click here to find it.

How To Log Into The App And Find On Demand Content

1. Once the app is download, open the app and select Login.

2. Enter your ATT Member ID and Password.

3. Click on the upper left portion of the app. You will see some options appear including On Demand.

4. Select On Demand and a list of options will appear including TV Shows, Movies, Networks, and Watched. Just select the show you wish to stream.

How To Search And Use The Record Feature

1. To Search for content, select the magnifying glass located on the upper right portion of the screen. A search window and keyboard will appear.

2. Enter the name of the show. Some options will populate as you type as seen to the right. If you see the show you are looking for, select it.

3. Depending on when the show is scheduled to broadcast will determine your options. In this case, you can watch it live or record it.

4. To record, select the record.

5. Three options will appear:

  • Record Program will record this instance of the show.
  • Record options will give you options, this is useful if you are trying to record a popular series.
  • More Showtimes will give you information on when this particular program will play next.

Things to know about On Demand and Streaming content

  • You must have a U-verse TV subscription to access mobile features.
  • Not all titles are available On Demand or on the app.
  • It can take 24-48 hours for the latest episode to appear via On Demand.
  • The most recent episodes wlll be available via On Demand.
  • The online library will have a more content available. Apps like HBO and Showtime have a more extensive library compared to On Demand.
  • Not all networks have an On Demand option or streaming options. This is not an item AT&T has control of.

If you are having trouble with the app or stream, check out some articles here that will help you troubleshoot the app and improve your streaming experience!


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