The Voice: New Playoffs Determine Top 12 Live Show Teams (Part 2)



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The Voice:
New Playoffs Determine Top 12 Live Show Teams

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Night Two – Team Adam

Delvin Choice
Let's Stay Together (Al Green)

Way too predictable song for a “soul singer” in this kind of competition. It's performed well overall, but it seems too laid back, and I don't care for the falsetto parts in this. I like Delvin's voice, but this performance doesn't have me sold.

Jake Barker
She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)

It's a decent performance, but I'm not sure it was enough to get him through. His choice of Adam's own song will either help him or backfire. His singing doesn't match the background music exactly – I'm not sure if it's a timing issue or just a strange arrangement. Parts of his approach were too similar to the original version, and the parts that were changed didn't really work, for me. He has natural talent, but he definitely has some room to develop it more.

Kat Perkins
Open Arms (Journey)

This was the “Glee” approach: by this, I mean she took a classic rock song and sang it technically better and more controlled than the original, without losing any if its intensity. She's consistently been one of my favorites, and this proves she is a fantastic artist. If she doesn't make it through, I'm going to be extremely mad at Adam.

Morgan Wallen
Stay (Florida Georgia Line)

His best performance, but he still has room for improvement. He needs more breath control, and sometimes his gravelly tone falls off and sounds more like a frog in his throat. Usher admitted that perhaps some of his coaching choices didn't work out, but I actually feel that Morgan did improve under his coaching, and I don't agree that he needs to sing only country (nothing wrong with it, but I think he should be more versatile, and like Blake said, there are different approaches to country).

Christina Grimmie
I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz)

This was an absolutely perfect song choice, which showed a huge range of tones and qualities. It allowed her to make it completely her own. Personally, I thought the softer and more emotive parts were the best, but the louder and jazzier bits were also hard to criticize.

Team Adam Results:

The two girls should make it through, and I think they will. For the guys, it depends what Adam is looking for. Delvin is probably the strongest choice. I think Jake and Morgan are good, but not strong enough at this point.

Moving on: Delvin, Christina, and Kat (of course he announced them in the opposite of the order that I wanted, so it was an anxious few moments!) I can see any three of them winning the competition.

Night Three – Team Usher

T.J. Wilkins
Tell Me Something Good (Chaka Khan & Rufus)

Good song choice, and he demonstrated improvement from previous rounds. It was an enjoyable performance. However, he's my least favorite of the Soul/R&B genre singers who are left, and besides being a “music student” I'm not really sure of who he is, artistry-wise.

Melissa MJ Jimenez
Halo (Beyonce)

Very risky choice. This is also a song that I'm going to judge particularly harshly, as it's one of my favorite of Bey's songs. MJ completely changed the song. I am not sure how I feel about the new version, and would need to hear it a few more times to be sure, but it definitely demonstrates her ability to create a new arrangement and take artistic risks. I think that some parts of the new arrangement were amazing, but there were also a few strange moments where – although I wouldn't call them mistakes – the changes were a bit strange were not what I was expecting to hear. That risk and artistry makes me want to see more of her.

Stevie Jo
Thrill is Gone (BB King)

Interesting, but there were parts that were, if not mistakes, awkward or imperfect. I was a fan of Stevie Jo before, but I consider this a step backwards. At this point in the competition, with no steals or viewer votes to keep someone through a bad week, such a setback can get one eliminated. I really wanted to see him continue, but I would not be surprised if he's gone after this song.

Bria Kelly
Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)

I couldn't understand some words at the beginning and it felt mumbled. When she got to the chorus, it was more enunciated. Her voice is just unique, and she does things in a way that is just incomparable to other singers. However, she does not show the versatility I want to see. Having a unique tone is good. Relying on it, and not being able to sing a song in a pure way before adding some of those quirky sounds, is not beneficial in this competition.

Josh Kaufmann
It Will Rain (Bruno Mars)

Dynamic. This performance definitely proved his talents, but I'm still on the fence about him as far as my personal taste.

Team Usher Results:

I think this is the most evenly matched of all the teams. It's really just a matter of taste for the viewers and for Usher. I can't even really decide or predict who should move on, because tonight, the ones who I liked before had some problems, and the ones who I didn't care for as much improved – so they all kind of evened out. Personally, I think MJ, Stevie Jo, and Bria should move on.

Advancing: Bria, Josh, and T.J. Not who I would have picked, but as I said, they had pretty equal performances in this round. I don't think Team Usher will provide the winner for this season. In fact, I would be surprised to see either of the guys make it to the finals, although I think Bria could have a shot at that.
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