The Voice s6 Finale

Who should win The Voice season six?

  • Christina Grimmie

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  • Josh Kaufman

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  • Jake Worthington

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Which finalist do you want to win this season of The Voice?

  • Christina Grimmie (Team Adam)
  • Josh Kaufman (Team Usher)
  • Jake Worthington (Team Blake)

Personally, I'm torn. I think there are several other competitors who deserve to win above the three who are left. The three finalists are all about equal in my mind. Although, I do feel that Christina Grimmie has shown more versatility and artistry (taking songs from other genres and adapting them to her own style). Josh is probably the best if you're talking pure singing ability, and Jake has demonstrated the most improvement since his first appearance on the show. I'm still undecided who I will actually vote for this week, and it will probably depend a lot on their last performances.