The Wiggles 'Ready, Steady, Wiggle!' is a Winning Children's Show


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A quartet of Australians are seen every day on the Sprout Channel chanting "Ready Steady Wiggle!" as they urge children to get off their butts and be active. The often educational show communicates mostly through catchy tunes that have anyone moving and on their feet in short order. That is actually what has gotten to me about this children's show. The beat is so luring that you just cannot help but start bouncing around and before you know it, adult or not, you are dancing with the cast.

Yesterday's episode featured a lesson on the letter 'W' with veteran Wiggles member Anthony Field drinking a full glass of water in comedic fashion and stating, "I didn't want to be wasteful and water is wonderful." Having begun several episodes back with Field munching on an apple, the humorous Aussie is frequently seen eating food and uttering appropriate letter zingers in this regular kitchen bit that educates kids on both food and the alphabet.

Another segment focused on goats with footage of the animals as the members sang about the features and habits of the critters.

Crazy dance steps are part of most shows. "Do the Owl" was Wednesday's entry. Moves include hand signals that entice youngsters so much. Of course, a couple of Wiggles members were dressed up as owls during the number, including the newest member, Emma Watkins, a redhead with a bright smile who normally wears what is now her signature yellow bow and attire.

A clip from actual concerts by the group is put into each show as well. Here, children and their parents are seen watching and participating as The Wiggles sing some of their songs. The kids are super fun to watch since these are interactive events designed to have the audience on their feet. The kids' love for the Aussies is obvious.

The group which has evolved greatly actually began back in 1991. The current four have been on tour the past couple of months in America with stops from California to New York. A media blitz often has them running into other celebrities and enticing them to sing the kid favorite, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, with them. While in New York in August, it was singing sensation Alfie Boe (Les Miserables) who joined the Wiggles for this giggly delight.


Boe will soon be prepping for his own US tour which starts January 31 in Portland, Oregon and concludes March 9 in Atlanta, Georgia. Meanwhile, he will be performing at a charity gala on behalf of The Prince's Trust (Prince Charles' charity organization) in London on December 2 while also doing a media blitz in the UK for his new album, Trust, that will be released there on November 11.

'Dancing with the Stars' alum Joey Fatone is another celeb who joined in for the fun with The Wiggles.


Field is a frequent tweeter on Twitter and has really done a lot to gain a following for the group during the US tour. You can find him there with the moniker @Anthony_Wiggle.

'Ready, Steady, Wiggle!" airs on Sprout daily, each 10-minute episode an intriguing combination of smiles, action, and learning.