The Winter Olympics


So, does anyone actually watch the games in real time? Or do you just wait for the synopsis? I remember getting surprisingly interested in curling one time, but now I generally just run past the highlights. Are the Winter Olympics much of a ratings winner?


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I love the Olympics and I hate time delay, prime time scheduling crap. I want to see it as it happens but our world is such that it is now difficult to do. I've tried to watch online but the delay and lag is usually too frustrating to sit through. I miss the old days of less technology when the games aired live ... and was live and not tape delayed and edited to appear in prime time.
Same here. I preferred watching the Olympics in 84 and 88 to how we get them presented to us now! I'm just hoping that nothing bad happens in Sochi! Do you plan to watch the games online, cable, over the air, or other means this year when they start up?
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