The World's WORST speakers and why they are so important



The Yamaha NS-10 speaker is one of the WORST sounding speakers but is essential for mastering the music we love. It has been replaced by a newer model but plenty of originals are still in use today. It does not play loud but it plays true. The reason it is so good is that it does not try to improve on what comes out of the speaker. A bad recording will sound bad. Some speakers are tweaked to make anything coming out sound "better" but not necessarily true or accurate. If you are listening to raw musical tracks, you must hear the stuff that needs adjusting. A lot of studios have a set of these speakers plus several sets of other speakers to listen to the recordings and make adjustments to the final product. The NS-10s are not for pleasure listening. They are more like an X-ray machine that shows the good and especially the bad in the recording. Pretty cool stuff.

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