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It might be. Where are you located and how far are you from the transmitters? Here in the US we can enter data in TV Fool or Antennaweb. Also, is Chilean TV all UHF?

You might possibly find some helpful information here. It looks like they have reviewed a number of antennas.
EV's Best Top Rated DTV Indoor UHF Antenna Review Test Round-Up Guide - AVS Forum
no i asked to the ministery of telecommunications giving ideas as do our "own"tv fool site but got as answer we will not do anything till the senate approve the whole law for regulate the digital television system and broiadcast. and a thank you for your idea.

now realized that the main tv chains in Santiago are in VHF2 and the cyphered ones in UHF i do not know why we have cyphered channels in open air television is just ridiculous.

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yeah i said this and today i did a test with two amplifiers

one of 10DB very light amplification and the second of a hard amplification 36db

results, only no signal and pixellation in the always problematic channel 11.1 and the others channels worked ok to me , tried adjusting the knob as for do some experiment and i leaved in the minimum level and zero in signal quality and strength , in the highest set in the knob get an constantly fluctuation of the signal changed from 89 to 85-79-65-89-85-79 and constant pixellation.

with 10db was fluctuation, with 36db the signal just not existed, i really do not understand this system brazilean japanesse with COFDM system, i understand fully the 8VSB but this one is like a box of surprises, never get stopped the surprises and an headache.

conclusion, i do not have any idea of what to do. my mother wants an antenna that be safe for lightnings but i shown yesterday with the indoor antenna what could happen and just gets pixellated the channel 11.1 so there is the test done, indoor antennas do not work, outdoor antennas yes work, amplification no is worst.

the worst is that here no info or even if you send a mail to the television channel asking by issues with their digital signals they never answer the mail that i have send, so i do not know how Chile can have something that noone is responsible of what is going on or the how is like call with an phone without have plugged into the wall socket.

question what is the difference between metro antennas and suburban ones, i seen many RCA antennas that says reception range suburban or metro area, i really do not understand what is the bigger difference between both in the technical thing, my rabbit ear antenna RCA ANT 121 said that was for suburban area and where i live do not work as should, i am at 9 miles far away of the transmitter and many buildings .

there is the transmitter located


and the city down there looks like this


the transmitter have to deal with all those elements in the second picture
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