This Old House fans?

Growing up back in the 80's, I know that I can't be the only kid who was first introduced to the concept of home repairs through watching episodes of This Old House with Bob Villa, and even all these years later I still have many fond memories of watching that show.

Anyone else grew up with This Old House like I did?


I also watched This Old House in the 80's as a kid. I also watched it on & off in the 90's. I missed most shows at the turn of the century due to working second shift. After leaving my job last September, I started watching the show again. I even like Ask This Old House. Since TV went digital, my local PBS stations in Chicagoland have started airing the show more, including WTTW on WTTW Prime about 4 times a week as the This Old House Hour (This Old House & Ask This Old House). Too bad I can't watch This Old House Hour in HD, due to the program mostly airing on the subchannel, & not on the main channel.