This season's talent just plain sucks


I'm just not that into the contestants this year. Anybody feeling me? Even the judges have been more critical as we get further along here.


The women are far better this year than last year, and overall the talent level is higher. I think the judges are doing a far better job of giving constructive criticism this year, as compared to the often useless whining that they provided in previous years.
I have found this season of American Idol to be the most putrid yet, and it's probably no wonder that I have been watching so little of it.

Last season was nearly as terrible too, so it certainly doesn't seem like the series is going in the right direction.


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Actually, after last year's wonderful group of talent, I think this group pales. Some of the songs I heard this past week were atrocious. They weren't just pitchy; they were horrid.


Really? I remember some incredibly sucky talent at this point in the competition, last year: Arianna Afsar, Matt Breitzke, Jasmine Murray, Jorge Núñez, Michael Sarver, etc.
I really think that American Idol should seriously just end already, and now is as good of a time as any to pack it in...with Simon leaving the show and everything, it's just like even he (Simon) realizes that things have neared their end.


My wife told me yesterday to redo our season passes on our TiVo to put American Idol at the top. As far as she's concerned, this is the best season of American Idol in several years. I'm not quite that impressed, but I do appreciate the talent this year, and will be following a more than average number of the contestants into their professional careers post-AI.

I think Simon leaving isn't going to help AI, but heck he's not a slave and you can't make him stay. They're willing to give him whatever money he wants, practically, but it doesn't matter: He wants to do something else. I used to be an auditor for a Big 6 firm. I was very good at it -- one of the best in my discipline, i.e., software development companies (if I do say so myself). They wouldn't necessarily have given me any amount of money I wanted, but even if they would have, it wouldn't have mattered: I wanted to do something else and so there was nothing they could have done to get me to continue being an auditor for them.

So with Simon leaving, AI perhaps will be some percentage worse than it is now. Even if AI lost a third of its audience, that would still leave AI more popular than blockbuster series NCIS (and AI is a whole lot less expensive to present). So Simon leaving will hurt, and will take the show down a bit, but it will still be good enough to be worth watching, and still be good enough to be worth presenting.


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It will depend on who replaces him. They need a colorful sort who isn't afraid to speak his/her mind. If they find the right person, it could survive. If not, we'll all be tuning in Cowell's new show and leaving AI behind.
The truth of the matter is, I really cannot think of anyone who could possibly take Simon's place on the show. Whoever it would be has to be a bit of an A-Hole, but an A-Hole who knows what he is taliking about, just like Simon did.


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Probably, but I just meant that if AI doesn't find a good replacement, there might not be an AI. I'm sick of Ryan Seacrest even, so I don't know how much legs this show has left in it.


Well there will be an AI next year... that much is certain. It is one show that they won't cancel mid-season. Regardless, I just don't see AI losing more than a third of its audience next year, if they present it in prime-time during the winter and spring seasons, so it'll still be just about the biggest show on television.

My wife and I were talking about the talent this year. We really really really like Bowersox and Benami -- if they both recorded albums right now, I'm pretty sure that we'd buy one of the albums and at least buy a couple of tracks off the other album. Magnus is good as well, though I'm not sure how that would translate into recordings, so we'd use our Zune subscription to listen to them, of course, and maybe buy a few tracks, but maybe not.
There will be no other Simon Cowell and if they replace him with the same character as Simon did then the person changing him would just be a copy cat and can hurt the program more and the person replacing him should offer a new perspective and hopefully the people will accept.
I really never liked Ryan Seacrest, and have found him to be annoying and just a fake clown like a lot of those MTV hosting jerks like Carson Daily. What made American Idol entertaining were the contestants and Simon, and the contestants haven't been that good lately, and now they'll be losing Simon too.


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I actually mute the channel for the ... THIS ... is American Idol. Enough already. Get something new. I'm sick of it and the big drama leading up to it.

Paige was voted off tonight and it's about time,. She had no consistency. She was lousy 3 weeks ago, superb 2 weeks ago, and crappy this past week. It's a shame, but she was bad bad bad once they got to the big show. Nerves perhaps.

I feel for the contestants. The judges are horrible at advice and give me a break. Miley Cyrus giving them advice? Did you hear her sing? Pitchy and lousy. yikes.
Miley Cyrus is an absolutely terrible singer, and I would really feel sorry for any contestants that actually tried to listen to her advice. Why wasn't Simon ripping into her either, for that matter? I don't care if she was a guest on the show or whatever!
Then why invite her on the show in the first place?

Don't you think that Simon would WANT to invite people who are ACTUALLY somehow talented, to set a positive example for the contestants?

Simon of all people should know enough as a talent evaluator to find better guests for the show.