Thought on serving the public

Many people in the north Alabama viewing area aren't ready or able to receive DTV for one reason or another. A large number of the converter boxes didn't work properly and replacements haven't arrived. Some folks simply can't afford to buy a box...heck some folks can't buy food for their family or pay the rent! They certainly can't afford a new tv set or a converter box. The conversion date was delayed to give people in such circumstances a little more time. I'm sorry WAAY-tv has forgotten all about those viewers. I'm been a loyal viewer of WAAY-tv for many, many years but I'm sad to say I'm disappointed in your lack of consideration for those less fortunate. Those folks might see fit to watch the stations left available to them on a permanent basis.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hopefully more TV stations will put some more thought into their early transition. Over 400 of them will be converting tomorrow whether or not their viewers are ready...