THR44-700 DVR Recording Issues - DirecTV

Have had this receiver since 2013 and it's been working just fine. Here it is Dec 2016. Starting about 4 or 5 months ago it's been acting up. In particular the problem lies in the Series Options for recording new shows. I can have the Episode Type set to First Run, yet it records shows that aren't First Run. It does it all the time, as though the Episode Type is set to ALL.

I've spoken with Customer Service about it. The do the usual thing about telling me what I already know about it being set properly. I think I know more then they do. After the second or third or even fourth time they just turn me over to the Technical Support Group. The answer is were looking into it. Very frustrating.

Does anyone on here have any clues to what my issues may be

Seems to me since AT&T took over things have gotten worse, rather then better as they are always saying.

Thanks for reading...

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