Three Amazing Reasons Why Apple TV Can Make It Big ($10 Billion Big!)


For people who have not yet heard of the Apple TV, Apple describes it as a small entertainment powerhouse which provides access to some of the largest names in the entertainment industry, in up to 1080p HD. All you have to do is plug it in and you can already enjoy a whole new world of music, sports, TV shows, games and a whole lot more. In addition to this, you can watch anything from any iOS device or Mac laptops.

View attachment 3301 Two and a half years have passed since it has become a billion dollar business and since a major upgrade has been released by the company. Right now, the digital technology is evolving rapidly in terms of gaming, online videos and the smart home.

But Apple always has this amazing ability announce a new product and turn the market on its head, so it's safe to say that rolling out a new Apple TV is certainly due. This could mean turning the new generation of Apple TV from a $1 billion business to a whooping $10 billion.

But how?

Apple Tv As a Smart Home Control Point
An upgraded version of this television is an excellent way for Apple to offer its own fixed smart home control hub, instead of just logically improving their software. With the launching of HomeKit at WWDC, majority of fanatics wanted Apple to go further and release its own product.

Navigating through an iPhone could have been a smart choice, however, having an Apple TV as a smart home controller ensures that you don't have to worry about leaving your phone inside the house just so people in your place can also use the main controller. Apple could create a more interesting home scenario thru the integration of Beacon technology and Siri.

The Apps can make an Apple TV, a Mini-Game Console

One of the major drawback of having an Apple TV, in spite of running on a modified version of iOS, is it has disabled the addition of your sought-after iOS apps. This disappointment is mostly felt by the gaming community.

The unleashing of the functionality of an iOS app store would make the future generation of Apple TV open up more for the market seeking a casual gaming experience at home. It can very well compete with other pricey gaming box with the addition of Siri voice interaction. Also, integrating a motion sensing capability would make it a true console alternative.

Make the Best out of the Television Part of the Apple TV

There are rumors that Apple has a virtual cable-like TV service in creation, while reports are saying that a next-gen Apple TV is far from being released due to the slow downfall of the TV industry.
But then, improvements on the Apple TV experience can be maximized by having better content discovery. Siri can also be integrated for better navigation and maybe, a second screen would make this upgraded TV stand out from the rest.

Turning this into a $10 billion industry is not impossible knowing that Apple always has this industry delay tactics. Who knows? One day we will all be surprised again by the humongous trends on digital media and smart home markets that this incredible company will release.