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RCA RT2370 Home Theatre Audio/Video Receiver.

All speakers.


Can you believe that?! showed up in the same store as the Samsung HD Tuner!

Just couldn't pass it up. all speakers, a full 5.1 surround system. works wonders in my retro console! needed not only the stereo portion back but also the speakers/amp i gutted left me with a retro console without the superior sound output of the original 1960s ones. i made sure the receiver is hidden when in use unless i need access to the front panel--no remote.
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Add a 19" Samsung SyncMaster 920nw LCD flat panel monitor to the list---$25!!!

Got my first lesson in LCD repair--damn thing was broke. not the screen, but when i hooked it up i got the 'white screen of death' and no video signal or menu. proved the backlight was good (manufactured in 2008) so i snapped it apart (just held together with snaps--no screws) and found the tiny ribbon cable which connects the LCD to the mainboard loose. snap! and it was back together. figured 'oh it can't be that easy!' and plugged it back up.

Works like new!! i don't understand two things. 1) Why was the cable loose in the first place and 2) why did it look as if someone was in there before when it was obviously working fine to begin with? (screwdriver and plier marks everywhere!)

Oh well, it takes up far less space on my tiny counter than that massive 17" CRT behemoth i had before.

Now if i could only get past the obvious fact that images rendered on an LCD look like complete crap!


The pickins at the thirft stores tend to be fatter at this time of year as people a) seek tax deductions and b) figure (rightly so) that the shops could use the additional merchandise around the holidays.

Still, they're some real solid-gold nuggets you snagged. :applause:

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DTVuser2009 Now if i could only get past the obvious fact that images rendered on an LCD look like [b said:
complete crap! [/b]
Congratulations, again! Have you purchased a lottery ticket this week? :first:

I recently purchased a new Dell flat-screen monitor and its performance is now stellar. It looked awful when I first plugged it in. I made some changes in its setup I read on Kim Komando's website, and I am very satisfied. By the way, she always warns her listeners to type her website exactly or you will end up at a Brazillian whorehouse!

I also have a ribbon-tape story. Years ago, I bought a Magnavox AM-FM clock-radio with a 4" b&w tv for $5.00 at a garage sale. DOA, but sure enough, a ribbon cable had dropped out of a connector. Amazing!

PS It just dawned on me it is setup for an outside antenna using a 1/8" phono plug. Does anyone know if there is an 'F' fitting conversion plug available? Too funny, because my CM-7000 converter box has almost the same flat dimentions!
RadioShack sells those adapters you're speaking of. gives you two composite jacks, one audio, one video.

I changed some settings on 'MagicBrite' and 'Color Tones' to 'warm' and my background of Daisy Deer looks like she's got color. i don't know what it is but any of my deer backgrounds always looked 'washed out' or 'greyish' when viewed on an LCD, while things such as websites and programs appear fine?

When the LCD was fixed when i hooked it up my resolution of '1024x768' was giving me an error from the monitor of 'Resolution Not Optimal Recommended 1440x900 [OK]' and it would turn itself off after 5 min and go to standby. after editing my Xorg.conf in Linux i was able to get it working at the optimal resolution. odd how my preferred res was turning the LCD off and giving me only the error message unless powered off then back on, as if it was protecting itself. when set to the optimal the monitor recommends it works fine.

Mom has an Emachines Desktop with an Emachines LCD HDMonitor, but for some reason her monitor gives me a migraine every time i view it. something about it is 'warbly' or it 'jitters'; basically it appears as if every line of pixels is 'flowing' i can't describe it. but i'm glad the Samsung doesn't suffer that malady.

BTW the setup page is locked for club members only?
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