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This question is about "Throtthling", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have complained numerous times to TWC/Spectrum with regard to my internet speed being throttled (usually towards the end of the month). There is nothing wrong with the modem, tv, computer. There is no need to send a technician. Speed usually return to what I pay for during the first week of the next month.
Speed tests done through TWC/Spectrum give a result of around 10 mbps (sometimes 1, sometimes 12mbps) and during the end of month throttling periods, never more than a quarter of the speed I pay for.
Then, I run a speed test through They run a series of tests and provide a lot of useful comparison data.
When it’s done, the results show your speed as rated against other recent users, so you can get a good idea of where you stand. It also displays a graph with your connection over time, so you can see if you had trouble sustaining a good connection the whole time.
Today at 4.51 PM, this was the result: Download: 6 Mbps (745 kBs)
21 Mbps 86% slower than my host average
42.5 Mbps 74% slower than my city average
22.9 Mbps 74% slower than the US average
22.6 Mbps 72% slower than Index Speed 21.5 Mbps
Conclusion: Your connection scored only 14% of the Time Warner Cable average (86% slower).
My opinion: TWC/Spectrum cannot handle the demand and therefore users are occasionally being throttled. Understandable. It is not what I pay for though. Just like I don't pay 12 USD to have only 1 leg of my pants dry cleaned.
Solution: Switch ISP?

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