Throttled internet - again - Time Warner Internet

My internet has been slow since I started my account last year. Innumerable customer service reps have suggested many possible explanations for these issues (none of which are "we're throttling your internet speed," because I don't suppose honesty would be best in this situation).

I've restarted my router many a time, spent hours talking to customer service, tried using an ethernet cable, run a barrage of TW tests, and had a new modem installed. My internet will behave itself for a few weeks, then resume its very sub-par behavior (click here for a screenshot of this week's speed test results). I live by myself in a two-bedroom apartment, and on a normal day, I can't even load Facebook on my small iPhone 5 screen. An iPad? Or, God forbid, Netflix? Forget about it.

In short, I'm not getting the internet speed I was promised in return for my dollar bills. Or anything close to it. Welcome to the TWC experience, indeed.

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