Tiger Woods returning to Golf, soon.

Ehh, I never cared much about Golf to begin with... let alone mr. manufactured "Family Man" as he was portrayed, before the scandals broke.

But hey, at least he's going back to what made him famous...golf!


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I've never been a fan and I really don't care what he does. He'll probably get some huge ovation. He should get jeers for being a jerk. He should take a year off to concentrate on his wife and family, if they mean that much to him.
Tiger Woods is filthy rich, and I really doubt he has gotten over cheating...since something like that does not just change over night, and I don't care if he went for "sex addiction therapy" or whatever, that doesn't chance that he cheated on his wife with plenty of women, and is liable to try and do it again.
What is this sports again, Golf? I rather go with Gulp! lol Just joking! I think I will never be a fan of golf. It's for the rich persons out there. Just my two cents though.
Golf being for rich people is a stereotype, especially since it doesn't even cost all that much to PLAY, as long as you aren't doing it at some exclusive country club or whatever. That said, I have never played golf...or had any real desire to play it either.