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This question is about "Time to move on from Time Warner's (Spectrum's) e-mail service.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Today I made the decision to move on from Time Warner's e-mail service. I've had Time Warner cable internet for 16 years. In that time the e-mail service has never been upgraded. It's still running on ancient technology.

If I initiate a password reset for a website or need a verification code to access my bank account on the web, I don't get that e-mail immediately anymore. It has gotten so bad that it literally takes hours for me to receive an e-mail I should've received in seconds. This is unacceptable.

Ten years ago this technology would've been okay. Today, it's reprehensible. I can no longer rely on Time Warner's e-mail service to deliver mail in a timely manner, when I need it most.

I've been using the same e-mail addresses for 16 years. I've put up with years of snail e-mail, hoping they would upgrade their service at some point. The webmail site is unusable and now the e-mail has become unusable.

I think it's sad that a company that makes decent money on their services can't be bothered to upgrade their e-mail hardware/software. E-mail is still a valid form of communication on the internet and is a requirement for managing accounts and identity verification.

Thankfully, I have a virtual private server. I'll be migrating all of my e-mail to that. The point is, though, I shouldn't have to.

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