Time to Say Goodbye to Genachowski?


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From The Article: Even if Genachowski doesn’t take the Commerce job, both he and the White House have reasons for his leaving his FCC post in the near future. The White House would like to see a more decision-oriented FCC chairman who manages to incubate industry skirmishes at the agency rather than allowing them to seep over to Pennsylvania Avenue, sources said. ….Industry sources said the ceremonial duties of the Commerce secretary position, which is heavy on promotion for the president’s agenda, might better suit Genachowski’s skill set. His focus on unleashing innovation syncs with the White House’s strong interest this year in promoting the technology industry, these sources noted.

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I doubt his replacemet would be anyone with a favorable view of OTA.

However, if he took his lap dog Benjamin Stuart with him, I would condsider Genachowski's departure from the FCC to be a win for OTA.

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