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This question is about "Time Warner Cable Needs to fix many issues!", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have had time waner cable for 5years in jamestown nys and all the time having it>> I have had nothing but issues! I have all new lines even across the street they put one in. I get told it's the node and then I get told its my wifi modem or router.... Lol I hack for a living and am a level 3 tech myself and I find it funny I can not go into my own box down on the outside and get told it's a fedral law and can be charged for your sucky internet? Well one thing I am gonna say now don't lie to your custmers about the problem or rig the line and black out people for your issues! I will say for fact i bet it is the node and 3 techs said this but you have not sent a truck out to fix this? Wow not relaying a customer illgal so I sit here say for 5years I had your internet I pay 200bucks a month add that all up to 5yrs of montly payments I could sue for that money and more for braking your own policy hell even report ya to ffc. But next time i get told i can not tuch my own box and do get charged I will get you guys in trouble for a bigger laws in your agreement. I paid my fair share for the splintter and the lines plus services! So i think you need to start getting people who are not lazy in your inc and do there jobs right and quit lying to us!!!! Cause I will never work for your company and one more thing you guys merging with one of the worse providers charter was the biggest mistake and will be losing customers your now spectdum.

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