time warner cable! what router can use to get wireless internet?

Any, there is no Bias from the provider companies. Just make sure that you are getting a "Cable Router" and not a "DSL Router" because the input for your internet connection is different. For brands I recommend Netgear or Linksys. Linksys is probably one of the largest names out there and can be found at any store and has a little more support on the web. Netgear from exprience I have had better luck with and is also a very large brand with a lot of internet help. You should be able to find both of these brands at all common outlets, Best Buy, Target, etc.


Back when I was with Time Warner we bought a Belkin Router (sorry, I forget the model but it is only $35 on Amazon) and it has worked better than any other router I have had.


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I've never had Time Warner, but I've used Netgear cable modem. It malfunctioned and was replaced by the store with a Linksys, which has been okay. I've dealt with their customer service folks, though, and I am less than impressed.


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I have Time Warner for phone and internet and I recently purchased this on eBay..


It was $33.99 for a refurbished unit that looks brand new and works great.


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Does time Warner offer wireless wifi
It depends on where and what you're talking about.

In home - I have no idea if they give you a router with wifi these days (maybe they do).

Public wifi - in NYC and environs, they share wifi with Cablevision (and vice versa) so if you're a time warner sub you get free wifi on the road.
When we had Time Warner, we had a Netgear router and then we switched to Linksys. I like Linksys as a brand better because I didn't have to reset my router nearly as much then when we had Netgear. Linksys have been making computer peripherals for a long time and I really like their customer service.
There are two schools of thought with your WiFi router: 1 - To go with the currently recommended router by your ISP, or 2 - To find a brand that you like and stick with it.
I personally have had very bad luck with Belkin and Netgear routers (from a number of years ago). Since then, I either go with my ISP's recommendation (for both DSL and Cable Internet) or stick with the newest Linksys offering.

We're currently running an 802.11N dual band that works great. None of the issues that I have encountered with 802.11g or 802.11b network routers in the past.