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This question is about "Tivo Bolt with MoCA and connecting two Tivo Minis - HELP", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello - I'm new to the board and a new Spectrum subscriber (switched from DirecTV). I recently had a Spectrum Tech install my modem, router and cable card. It's been almost a week and I've finally got the channels up an running via the TA but I'm having no luck (and no sleep) connecting the Bolt and Tivo Minis via MoCA. Here's the equipment and setup:
Spectrum modem: Hitron eMTA E31N2V1 DOCSIS 3.1
Spectrum router: Askey Router
Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter (x2)
1x Tivo Bolt 1TB
2x Tivo Minis

I'm in LA, zip code = 90019
Tivo Account - yes, I double checked and the brand new Tivo Bolt and 2 Tivo minis have been activated under my wife's account.
Cable card - paired
TA - authorized and I'm getting the solid yellow (amber) light
POE filter outside (installed by the Tech in the proper place on 3-way splitter)
Coax from wall to an inside apartment 2-way splitter
From 2-way splitter - One coax to Actiontec MoCA Adapter
From 2-way splitter - One coax to Hitron modem (I placed another POE filter on the modem as I wasn't receiving any signal without it.)

At my TV/Tivo Bolt - setup a 2-way splitter
From 2-way splitter - One coax to Tuning Adapter (TA is connected to Tivo Bolt with USB)
From 2-way splitter - One coax to Tivo BoltMy Bolt is in the living room along with my

Since the Tivo Bolt and the modem and router are not next to each other (opposite ends of the living room), as a test, I've used a very long ethernet cable (it's hovering above the floor so not ideal) and had success connecting via MoCA + Ethernet. It's when I use the Tivo Bolt as a Client and try to set up on an Existing MoCA network is when I have trouble. The Tivo Bolt error I receive is that it can't find the router. I've double and triple checked connections.

From reading the many threads on various forums I understand Spectrum does not support MoCA. Am I just out of luck? Is there something I'm missing? Can I enable MoCA on the router or modem (from my research it doesn't appear to be an option on the Router interface online and on the modem, there is no way to get inside to take a look? If I bought a router and modem to replace these Spectrum provided models would I have the potential to make adjustments that I can't with Spectrum modem and router?

I've had no sleep and looking for any help you can please provide. Even if it's a "you're out of luck."
Many thanks,

Tivo Bolt with MoCA and connecting two Tivo Minis - HELP?