TiVo Has Great Q4, Stock Price Jumps


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Roamio OTA and purchase of Aereo assets partially responsible.

TiVo Inc. plans to use the assets it bought from Aereo Inc. last week to bolster its new digital video recorder that caters to people without pay-TV subscriptions.

TiVo introduced a new DVR called Roamio OTA last August that allows consumers without cable or satellite TV subscriptions to record over-the-air broadcast channels...

Rogers said about 15 million homes watch broadcast TV via antennas and “that number will grow.” TiVo announced a deal last month with Frontier Communications Corp. that will offer TiVo’s new over-the-air DVR to Frontier’s high-speed Internet subscribers.

TiVo’s new digital recorder, which costs about $50 plus monthly service fees, makes it easier to switch between broadcast TV and online services “without the struggle,” Rogers said.
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TiVo stock jumped 6.2 percent to $11.95 per share in after-market trading Tuesday after the television-services provider blew past projections for the fourth quarter.

Earnings of 7 cents per share eclipsed analyst expectations of 4 cents, while revenue of $114 million topped the consensus forecast of $89 million.

San Jose-based TiVo is benefitting from cable customers cutting their cords for video bundles while keeping their high-speed broadband connections.

“Operators are saying we have to figure out a way for our broadband-only customers to relate to video,” CEO Tom Rogers told The Post.

“And they’re thinking our OTA [over-the-air] devices could be an interesting way to do that.”
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Too bad TiVo doesn't understand that most cord cutters are trying to eliminate monthly bills.