TiVo - no signal on many HD and all premium channels for 1 month - XFinity

Previously we had 2 Tivo Premiers and a TiVo Roamio Pro and they worked great and got all channels including premium with no problem (thru October) Then I got a brand new TiVo Bolt + (MoCa) and connected my TiVo Roamio Pro - (connected to old non-HDMI HD TV) and two TiVo minis. We got cablecards and had them activated and paired. Regular NBC HD came in and we thought we were fine as they said it may take 24hrs to get all channels. The Bolt + and Roamio got regular HD (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News) but not WGN, or CNN HD, nor any premium channels. I tried the cablecard phone support line twice, an online chat, two technicians have been out and still no HD of anything other than network and no premium channels at all. The last technician said he would get his supervisor to send out a top person and the phone support guy took my phone number and said he would call back in 24-48hrs - that was one week ago and nothing. Today the Bolt + gave a V52 message for NBC HD. After resetting and redoing guided setup we now only get basic non HD NBC, CBS, ABC on the Bolt +. The Roamio still gets regular HD. The comcast website has the correct cablecard numbers on it and says they are connected. The TiVo diagnostics indicate they are not paired. - Val ?. Please help. This has been going on for a month with no end in site. On the Comcast site my service used to be called HD Preferred Plus XF, today it says X1 Premier Triple Play. Thank you.

This question, "TiVo - no signal on many HD and all premium channels for 1 month," is about XFinity-Comcast TV television equipment.

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