TiVo TV Cord Cutting Survey


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TiVo released its Q4 2016 Video Trends Report, which brings insight into the state of pay-TV. Of the 17 percent of the respondents without a pay-TV provider, 19.8 percent of the segment of cut service in the last 12 months. The three main reasons for cutting pay-TV service are its high expense, the use of Internet streaming services, and the desire for only basic channels through an antenna...

TiVo wanted to determine if respondents were watching fewer NFL games and, it turns out, they were. Survey results showed that 18.2 percent of respondents were watching fewer NFL games than they did one year ago. What prompted the decline? While the top three answers were no surprise (my schedule is busier this year; games are not as exciting this season; too many commercials), 23 percent answered “other.” Of the “other” responses, 46.5 percent wrote that they changed their NFL game viewing habits because of political issues (like, kneeling during the national anthem).
Interesting information. Cord cutting and antenna use increases!

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