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About one month ago I added xfinity cable television X1 premeire xtreme. I do not use the X1 entertainment system. I have two Tivo Premiere XL that I use with a cable card in each. All channels and features function properly when I intially setup the devices and had the cablecards activated and bound to the devices.

After about a month I added two additional adult channels. TEN and Vivid. The monthly subscription. When I go to veiw either of the channels I get a "V58 Not authorized channel" error message. When I attempt to veiw the On Demand Adult Subscription Movies, I can access the movies but after about 5-6 seconds the picture freezes. I then can go back and restrat the movie and it will play for an additional 5-6 seconds and freeze again. I can keep doing this for movies. But attempting to watch the actual channels does not work.

There have been no equipment changes. All other channels and features function properly. I have called customer service and tech support and they sent signals to the tivo boxes multiple times, had me power off and power on the Tivo boxes multiple times and nothing has worked to date.

Comcast supposedly elevated the technical service issue and it was to be resolved in 24-72 hrs. 72 hrs have passed and no resolution.

Any ideas? Does the Tivo boxes need to be re-activated/bound by comcast so the two channels I added will work?

This question, "Tivo V58 Not Authorized Msg," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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