Question: To Gang or not to Gang? And How?



Newbie first time post here, thanks in advance to all who contribute.

I cut the cord almost a month ago and am very satisfied with my results thus far, however I think I may be in a position to improve my setup and I'm looking for advice.
I purchased a DB4e from Antennas Direct and through a shipping snafu on FEDEX's part I ended up with 2 DB4e's, Antennas Direct said do what you like with the 2nd antenna (very nice of them). I mounted the first antenna in my attic, two story house, ran 50ft of quad-shield RG6 to the junction point in basement. Attached a 3-way splitter which connects runs of approx. 20ft, 20ft, & 50ft. The antenna is facing approx 144 degrees magnetic. I receive about 32 channels on my scan and I'm getting the major broadcast networks that I hoped to, from both Pittsburgh and the opposite direction Youngstown. I intend on getting a CM-3414 distribution booster to utilize its function and to expand to a 4th TV on a approx 30ft run from basement.

As far as signal strength from towers in the direction of the antenna, according to CM DVR+, channel 2.1 I get signal strength 75 quality 100. For 4.1 its 25/79. I've included my tvfool report below:

So, since I have the additional antenna:

1. Would it improve and not take away from my current reception?
2. If I attempted to gang the 2, it would be in the attic and would have to be horizontal due to space limitations.
3. My understanding of ganging is to use 2 same lengths of RG6 to a diplexor.(?)
4. If the reception is worse then 1 antenna my be out of phase and could be corrected by reversing the balun. Which I'm not sure if I can do this on this antenna.

I think that's it...thanks again for any advice offered.