to receive a box

I ordered a box got a confirm# (Edited) I was told the coupon would be sent on the Jan 16 however I have now heard that they are out of coupons any order put in will I receive my
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Jason Fritz

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Hi there,
I used: to check the status of your coupons, which returned the following result:

Coupon Status Found
Your application has been approved. Based on your application approval date of 12/31/2008, your coupon(s) are/were scheduled to mail on 01/16/2009.
*Note that coupons do not expire until 90 days after they have been mailed. Note also that coupons are being mailed via Standard mail (not First-class mail), with delivery expected approximately 10 days from the date mailed.
Your coupons are due to ship on 1/16/2009, but may take up to 10 business days to be delivered. The current delays for coupon funding are only for recent applicants, so you should receive your DTV coupons sometime by the end of January.

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