Too Many Reality TV Shows


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I've had about enough with reality shows occupying the airwaves lately.

In the beginning, I watched a ton of American Idol and Survivor because these were shows based on skill and or talent. I didn't mind the contestants hamming it up for the camera because the basis of the shows were about competition. But these days, it's all about the shock value and or scripted scenes. Anyone else agree?

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If you want an honest 'Reality Show' look at an NFL game or NASCAR. COPS, never reproduces arrests or car chases. None of these are pre-recorded and rebuilt before being televised for the best possible ratings.

How many times are people forced to jump into the water to make a 'Survivor' show work on TV? No clue.

My point, the shows that badge themselves as "reality shows" are usually the opposite.

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For networks, it's all about money savings when they produce a reality TV show. No costs for set design, studio, and other things associated with more expensively produced shows.

I think Reality TV is here to stay unfortunately. I still watch some shows on right now, mostly TLC "crap" (as has been defined by others on this forum and other A/V forums lol).


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This reality TV thing really took off when writers went on strike, and the networks realized they could do "reality" shows really cheap without writers.

So, yea, the writers slit their own throats, as well as ours. Thanks, guys.


So, yea, the writers slit their own throats, as well as ours. Thanks, guys.
Never thought of that one before but that prob did contribute.

Wonder what the demographics are for Reality shows. The 17-24 viewer numbers have to be much greater than any other demographic.


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That is exactly what it did. As I recall, Big Brother was dead in the water until the strike and even Dancing with the Stars was questionable after its first season finale fiasco. It was the strike that made reality TV a regular staple.


I have to admit, I do watch a couple of reality shows: Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef. Maybe I just like Gordon Ramsay. :)

But in general, I find them boring. You have to get in on the beginning to become invested in the characters and since I don't have the TV droning in the background anymore, it's something I'd have to go out specifically and get. Forget that. I prefer scripted dramas.