"Too many recordings already being watched from that Playlist" - DirecTV

This question is about ""Too many recordings already being watched from that Playlist"", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. I have a whole home dvr covering most rooms and a HD DVR in the MBR. Starting last night, if I have two or more TVs running off the whole home system, then if I try to play any items from that system's List in the MBR, I get a message saying there are "too many recordings already being watched" from the List. And items from that list are shown on the MBR TV's List with a red circle and line through it. My friendly DTV tech told me to make sure I had latest software on both boxes by rebooting and pressing 02468 on remote - nothing happened, the software version is from 2 months ago on both, and the problem persists. Anyone know what version of software is the latest? I've also seen discussions of this issue saying there could be a problem with the SWM but I have no idea what that is or how to fix it if there is! Any other suggestions? Thanks

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