Top 3 Unnerving Movies to Watch on Halloween

Some articles about Halloween movie nights boast Hocus Pocus and Harry Potter. This post digs into the opposite end of the spectrum. These three movies are so frightening that watching them on Halloween might be too much. Viewers are advised to keep the lights on and friends close.

View attachment 2064 Halloween

John Carpenter’s 1978 horror film, Halloween, set the bar that all future slasher flicks tried to follow. Nothing has ever come close. While the series has continued with sequels, remakes and books, the original film remains the most frightening with its eerie soundtrack, haunting camera play and introduction of one of the most alarming but plausible killers, Michael Meyers.

The opening scene turns a children’s holiday into a tragic display of psychotic violence. Carpenter uses a first-person camera to put the audience behind a young Michael Meyers, setting the troubled backstory to the film’s sketch of evil. The psychological factors to the character of Michael Meyers make him more than just a villain. Knowing that the movie’s events could occur in real life make it even more haunting. Reason can release some of the fright behind Carpenter’s The Thing and other notable flicks from Chucky to The Ring, but Halloween has a frightening level of realism that lingers for days afterwards.

View attachment 2065 Alien

While Jamie Lee Curtis made her name with Halloween, Sigourney Weaver took off with Alien. Unlike the former character portrayal, Weaver plays a strong female heroine that faces one of the most terrifying visual monsters in cinema. Unlike today’s sequels that have propelled the series into the sci-fi action genre, the original Alien focuses on suspense and cinematic horror.

Alien altered the space genre from an explorative adventure, along the lines of Star Wars and Star Trek, into an isolated nightmare, boasting its tagline “in space no one can hear you scream.” The visuals of this space creature remain menacing even by today’s standards and the chest busting kitchen scene leaves a feeling of helpless dread.

View attachment 2066 Marble Hornets

The scariest movie for this Halloween isn’t a big-budget production or high-quality Blu-ray. It’s a YouTube channel. Marble Hornets is a fictional series of short clips about a student’s video project that turns into a nightmare. Featuring the lore of the latest Internet sensation, Slender Man, this movie series grows more haunting with each new clip and pulls audiences into a frightful interaction as they watch online.

What makes Marble Hornets so terrifying is the presentation. While the other films on this list are understood as fictional movies, Marble Hornets depicts itself as real. The concept behind Slender Man is horrific enough but Marble Hornets transforms it from myth into a YouTuber’s genuine story without ever portraying itself as fiction.

Too Scary for Halloween?

From slashers and space Horrors to slender stalkers, these movies showcase the different sides of horror and each one brings originality and artistic influence to their genres. If you're going to watch one of these flicks for a Halloween party, be weary of friendly costume pranks. No one wants to encounter a Michael Meyers or Slender Man lurking down the hall this holiday.

What's your favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween?

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The Haunting (1963).....saw it when I was a kid. Still watch it every Halloween!

That's a great movie starring Julie Harris and Claire Bloom but I bet few know the car she drives is a 1961 Series 2 Hillman Husky, but the car she wrecks at the very end of the movie 'magically changes' into a 1955 MK-1 Hillman Husky, an instant before the car is wrecked. Its not the same car!

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