Top 5 reasons why internet tv > cable or satellite tv

Here are my top 5 reasons why internet tv is better than cable tv and we will continue to see cable and satellite tv subscriptions fall in the next 5 years.

1. Watch what you want, when you want
With Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, and my Roku box, I can watch most of my programming on demand. Ne need for a DVR, just play, pause, or rewatch anytime I want.

2. Subscription Costs
As I begin to think about cancelling my satellite TV service, subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, and Hulu Plus are less than half the cost of my current satellite TV subscription.

3. Programming
Internet TV is in its infant stages right now and yet I have access to tons of content with my Roku XD. Over 600 channels of watchable content. I might not get Food Network or History channel yet, but a lot of those shows are available online through their providers websites.

4. Equipment and Installation Costs
With internet TV, I paid $80 for my Roku and it took me 5 minutes to setup. With my satellite TV installation, I paid $100 and had ugly wires hung and cable jacks mounted everywhere in my home.

5. Long Term Subscriptions
With most cable or satellite providers, you have to commit to a 2 year contract to get the best pricing. With internet TV, the longest commitment contract I've seen is Amazon's Video on Demand service which is a yearly fee. Other than that, most internet tv providers are month to month.


I agree with you mostly. The difference is determining what you want to watch vs watching what is on. The only negative so far for me is converting my wife to the "on demand" only format, and various TV input changes to watch what you want, but the biggest obstacle so far is she can't get E!......

For me, it's all cost driven and a no brainer. I do have her sold on the incredible picture quality of OTA.


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I like convenience and one of the turn offs is having to go to so many sources to find the show you want. Call me lazy, but to me it is worth it to be it able to change the channel and get what I want. I don't really have room for more set top boxes, either. I love the lower price concept, and with a DVR, I do a lot of 'on demand' watching anyway. I just value convenience.
You mentioned yourself that Internet TV is in its infancy. As a result, you wont see these subscription type deals costing too much, until the demand increases, and the broadband technolgy can handle it. Once the greater numbers start to adapt, the big subscription TV companies will come in, with their 'bundles'. The price will be small initally, but as usual, it will creep up, back to what we normally pay no doubt. Apologies for the sckeptism but its how I see it panning out.