Toshiba SD-V295 DVD/VCR Combo Player

Hi, I have a Toshiba SD-V295 DVD/VCR Combo Player. Recently I have bought a Chinese TV Series which is in DVD Video Format. When I tried to play it, an error message appear saying "Incorrect Disc". I went to the manual and found that it might not be able to play DVD Video format (which I think is recorded on DVD-Rom discs). Is there anyway I can play this format in this DVD player? Any suggestions/comments will be much appreciated.

PS: I was able to play the discs in a CyberHome player which is only a very cheap DVD player. And a more expensive player could not play them, it doesn't make sense.

Thank you.

Jason Fritz

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This quote is from the Toshiba product page for the SD-V295:

**Some DVD-R/DVD-RW and CD-R/CD-RW discs may be incompatible due to laser pick up and disc design. CD-R/CD-RW discs must be recorded using CD-DA method for CD audio playback. The DVD/VCR may not support some MP3/WMA/JPEG recordings due to differences in recording formats, disc structure, or condition of the disc (use of CD-RW for MP3 files is not recommended). See owner’s manual for more information.
But I don't think that's the problem in your case. DVD-R (DVD-ROM) is supported on your DVD/VCR Combo, but, do you know what type of regional format the Chinese TV series is in?

With your Cyberhome DVD player, it has the capability of playing your DVD-ROM because it supports both PAL and NTSC video regional formats.
Toshiba SD-V295 DVD.VCR Combo Player

Thank you, Jay, for your reply.

These DVDs are region free and in NTSC format. In its description it said it is playable in USA.
I was just advised by the seller that the DVDs are in PAL format and not NTSC. I guess that's why the DVD player couldn't play the discs. Is there a way I can make this DVD player play PAL format?

Thank you.
Yes, As I have mentioned earlier, it was the format. My DVD is in PAL format. However, I was able to play this DVD in another of my player manufactured by Cyberhome. It is strange that I can play both NTSC and PAL formats in a cheap player like Cyberhome but was not able to play them in this Toshiba one.


Nothing strange for me. The Cyberhome player is one of the best selling players in Europe.
And guess what format is used in Europe?
Yes, it is PAL. So that is, why you can use this for both PAL and NTSC.
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