toshiba sd-v296


When connected to my HDTV, my Toshiba SD-V296 dvd - video combo has the following problem. The dvd's play fine. But some video's don't play, they start the revert to the televisions blue screen. The odd thing is a few do work.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
So, with VCR tapes, it plays some of them fine, and other's only show a blue screen? What quality are the VCR tapes (Old recorded over tapes, new ones, or?)?


That sounds odd. I'd hate to lose something that I was saving for posterity.

Our Pioneer DVR actually plays sketchy DVDs better than the other players we have in the house. I assumed that was because it was newer and the laser lens was cleaner, if that makes any sense.

I don't suppose meiersjo's problem is a dirty video head?

I have a SD-V296 that I'm trying to hookup to a Samsung LN-R238WS TV. No matter what video output I use I get a noisy VHS video signal with the DVD side's screen saver in the background.

Anyone have a solution?
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