Question: Toshiba TV 26HF85

The manual says NTSC Standard. I want to get rid of cable and buy a Mohu Leaf Plus antenna. Do I need a digital converter box for this tv?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thomas G

Just looked up your TV on Amazon, and it looks like it is "HD Ready" but does not contain a digital tuner.

So, bad news is that yes you'll need a converter box. Good news is, you can buy a HD converter box and receive high definition over-the-air broadcasts. HD tuners are usually a bit more expensive than regular DTV tuners, and you can use either to convert your old television.

I only found one HD tuner on Amazon: Kworld HDmi Dvi VGA Qam/atsc External Digital Tv Tuner Box Hdtv: Electronics

Here' the specs on the Toshiba 26HF85:

26-inch flat widescreen CRT, HD-ready TV; measures 27.5 x 19.5 x 19.6 inches (WxHxD)
16:9 widescreen picture aspect ratio
Flat tube design delivers increased viewing angles, picture linearity and reduced light reflections
Includes 3 composite, 3 S-Video, 2 component, and 1 HDMI inputs
Two stereo speakers, 5 watts apiece (10 watts total)
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