Totally confused


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Well, we went thru the 6/12 transition with what seemed to be flying colors. Got up the next morning and did a rescan, and had 17 channels.....woohoo! Some were still broadcasting in analog, so I waited a couple of days and did another rescan, those couple we never did get, signal strength was just not strong enough, but we were satisfied with what we had.

Then, 1 week after the 6/12 transition, we had a nasty thunderstorm roll thru. After it was done, we haven't been able to get anything since then, except for 2 stations, early in the am, before 6am. I didn't get too awful upset at first, because I had heard that the stations that we were pulling were hit really hard and it knocked their transmitters out. But it's been over a week, and no change. What the heck happened? I can't even pull the 2 stations that are supposed to be LOS from us, and one is less than 20 miles away!


By now, you'd think the TV stations would have been able to finish repairs and get back on the air. Still, I'd put in a quick call to one or two of them, just to verify that they're broadcasting again. If they are, your own equipment needs a look see:

* First, try unplugging your converter or digital TV for at least five minutes, plugging it back in, and then re-scanning for channels. Perhaps a static discharge during the storm was enough to scramble the tuner's memory, but not bad enough to damage it permanently.

* If you have an outdoor antenna and it rained hard during the storm, carefully check the insides and outsides of all connectors on the downlead cable for signs of moisture incursion. This includes not only water itself but also rust or dark discoloration of metal parts. Also, check for visible cracking of the insulation. Water that gets in anywhere along the cable or connectors can cause a short circuit that will terminate signal reception. Replacement is the quickest and most inexpensive solution.

* If the cable isn't at fault, static may have damaged system components that rely on power to work. This includes the TV, converter box, any externally mounted signal amplifier or powered antenna (one with a built-in amp). Since you're getting something, sometimes, though, that probably rules out permanent damage to the tuner. Good luck!