TOTALLY frustrated with attempted move in for Uverse - DirecTV

I have been a long time ATT and Uverse customer for almost 8 years - hanging in there for all of the growing pains and the repeated technical issues and service drops - but am presently more frustrated than I've been in a long while. I had Uverse service at both of my existing homes - two separate accounts - and I have now sold a home and want to add it to a new house.

I spent almost TWO hours with three separate people on Friday trying to get my move-in set up. The second person in the overseas call center was very nice and the package she put together came with a $200 gift card, U300 on 4 TVs, Internet at 45mbps and the home phone unlimited for $109. When she went to finalize the order her system was giving her issues so she said she would call me back on Saturday.
She also transferred me to customer loyalty and suggested that they may be able to assist and get it doen then and there. I had a different problem there where she could not do anything on my account because it was locked by the overseas agent. The second agent assured me shoudl would call back before her shift ended at 8pm on Friday.
No call on Friday.
No call on Saturday.

I call back on Monday morning to get straightened out. Guess what? Another 1 hour and 15 minutes and I am having different issues. They cannot put together the same thing that was offered and agreed to on Friday. So here I am - a Uverse customer with more than one account for most of that time - spending almost three hours on the phone and getting the bait and switch.

Luckily the agents are nice and cordial but unfortunately it seems the systems and pricing are becoming a problem. I used to have techs offer to help and offer to give promotions and in this case I wasn't twisting elbows or anything. Just trying to get a favorable rate vs switching to Comcast Xfinity.

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