Totally funky DTV signals on KBEH-2 and KBEH-3


I'll upload the recordings - Just to let you know,I can't check the audio portion of it, my TV set has no sound, but the DVD-recorder can record the sound. My computer can do sound but I disabled the output to allow enough memory on my 466Mhz computer to handle XP SP3 and IE8, even with all the security deleted.

Anyways, here's the funkiness: The signal comes off as intentionally garbled, like pixelated "snow" was deliberately inserted into the image stream. It might also be in the audio stream. This pixelated snow is not random, however. It seems to defer to light/dark edges of the main video stream.

Here's the Youtube link:


Ignore the Chinese weight-loss tea infomercial. It's in Spanish, anyways... My guess this is an attempt at a new form of scrambled pay-TV, for Free Over the Air (OTA) Digital Television (DTV) signals, like what ON-TV and SelecTV used to be in the '70s-'80s when color TVs became very affordable. Notice how the pixelated snow highlights light/dark edges. I know this would result in a somewhat washed-out video output, but since cable & satellite TV has the same type of quality, it might be accepted. What do you say this is? If it is indeed a pay TV format, would you subscribe if they had good content? I'm thinking it's most likely just a patent concept proof, so that it can be claimed for property holding.


That almost looks like a modulated signal from a different source that is getting into the system from somewhere, as the patterns have no relation to the video or audio information.

What is the actual RF channel of this broadcaster? Do you live near any FM transmitters? Does this happen to be a VHF Channel possibly around channel 6?

I see no possible way that this could be coming from the DTV data packets, but I guess anything is possible with a new technology who's faults and issues have not all been discovered yet . It looks like an RF interference source from somewhere, but I doubt it is in the data packets.
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