Tracy Morgan


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I think Tracy Morgan makes the show worth watching. He is sooo funny! I think if they made him a little more prevalent in the show, I think they could increase their ratings. Does anyone agree with me? Any Tracy fans? Did anyone see him on Saturday Night Live?? Hilarious!
He's definitely a funny guy, but I like his stuff more on 30 Rock than Saturday Night Live. I'm surprised that he hasn't been in more movies, but I think he's more of a support type actor and comedian than the main lead.


I think the character of Tracy Morgan prefers things how they are. He can do all sorts of weird stuff while Liz and the others have to stress. I've just been watching the episodes and I'm halfway through the second season.
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I noticed last week's episode had me laughing more the previous several 30 Rocks. I think she is feeling pressure from Amy's "Parks and Recreation". I even said to the family, that 30 Rock we just saw smelled like it was written by the people that do The Office and Parks and Recreations.

To stay on topic, yes, I love the parts where Tracy is in the lead role.