Transition not happen for me yet?

I have cable and waited all day for the digital transition. I ran a channel search and the majority of all channels found were analog, like always. I live in Las Vegas and have Cox Digital Cable.

I also have a question. Since I have cable, will I see an effect in quality with the new digital transition. On the TV in my room, I have a NBC (which appears to still be analog) and 2 digital NBC's. NBC-1 which is HD and NBC-123 which is higher quality than the normal NBC. Since the first NBC still appears to be analog, will the higher quality NBC-123 replace the regular lower quality analog channel?


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The DTV Transition was for people on Antennas.

Since most stations have been transmitting digital for years now, and the picture is better, most cable companies years ago started using the better signal from the digital transmitting to sell to their customers.


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Oh, I see.
Even with cable, I thought all the analog channels on my TV would be gone. I guess I was wrong. :-\
If you set your TV on channel 3 and tune channels with the cable box, then you are watching analog out of the cable box.

But as far as how the cable companies get their signal, some of them did just pick up the analog signal and send it to your house. Those that did that also had to pick up the new digital signal.

Those with cable boxes or satellite didn't have to do a thing, the cable company did it all for you.