triple packages - XFinity

i would like to know why comcast can't provide affordable pkgs for the elderly and disbled. we have worked hard all our lives and cant anymore. all most of us do is watch tv and surf the net. we dont need all the useless channels and we should'nt have to pay for them. surely there could be a way for this to be possible. i live in a community where there are 25 apartments and some of them cant afford the comcast pkgs. they dont have service at all. it would benefit comcast alot to develop a more affordable plan for us to pick the channels we watch. I know this might not even get considered, but at least have the courtesy to respond to my comment and consider my plea. i know the world is all about money these days but we need a break somewhere. PLEASE PLEASE let it start with COMCAST. We cant get any other service here so comcast has the monopoly and its not fair for us who need help. It would go a long way for corporate to consider making this happen!!!!!!

This question, "triple packages," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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