Trouble accessing programs on DVR



I have had a bit of trouble playing recorded programs on my HR34 Genie DVR.

I keep getting the message:

"We are having trouble accessing this program, would you like to try again?" (options "try again" or " cancel").

When I "try again", it gives me the same error message.

Any ideas on what's going on?


The Graveyard Shift
Could be a number of things, but failure of the hard drive (HDD) is a likely possibility... particularly if its happening with all recordings stored on the HDD.


Staff member
First try the usual fix, which is unplug, wait 20 seconds, then plug back in.

If the recordings are corrupted, it is likely the hard drive. If you call them they'll make you reset the whole thing which will erase your recordings. But you can also do the diagnostics and see if it fixes anything. This shouldn't erase recordings.

Here is how:
Open the access card door, you'll see a red button. Press it to reboot the genie.
Press select when you see "Running receiver self-check"
You will shortly see Diagnostics Mode.
Then go to Advanced Tests Menu -> Hard Drive utilities -> Short SMART test

Run the test. It may take a while. Afterwards see if it fixes your recording. If not, you may have to reset the entire DVR which will erase your recordings...