Trouble with NFL Sunday ticket and my DVR - DirecTV

I set up my DVR to record the seasons of my favorite NFL teams and they are not recording. I even checked them yesterday and they showed the 'R' designating they were set to record. This happened to me last weekend, so I was careful to double check them. I had to work today, so when I got home I checked my list of recordings and they were not there. Why is this happening? I went back into my teams and they are set to record the seasons, but they are not recording. I also cannot get the LA Rams selected as a favorite team. It won't let me select them. I was so excited to get NFL Sunday ticket and it worked beautifully recording all my teams for weeks 1 & 2 (except wouldn't let me select the Rams) but the last 2 weeks it's failed to record any games. Help!!!