Trouble with Xfinity Apps on iPhone XR - XFinity

I have a new iPhone and am having login issues. I can log into Stream, xFi and MyAccount as well as the Xfinity website on my android tablet, my old android phone and on my Windows computer. However on the iPhone I can't log into the three apps nor the website using Safari. Get an error message that my PW/ID is invalid after entering the six digit authentication code. I can log in to the website on the iPhone using Chrome. I've been bounced between Comcast C/S and Apple C/S -- both are pointing the finger at the other. Need to know why my login is being denied so I can go back to Apple -- need tier 2 or tier 3 support!!!

This question, "Trouble with Xfinity Apps on iPhone XR," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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