troubles with upgrade from hbu33 to hbu55 antennacraft


Hello all, and thanks in advance for any and all advice! AS a recent cable cutter I been enjoying free tv. on a hbu33 by antennacraft mounted on pole 15' off ground with rotator and preamp 50 ft coax run I surprisingly receive all channels to south and south west only, with very little rotator adjustment. TV Fool So I upgrade to hbu55 antennacraft same cable, rotator and preamp with negative results .. Problems are less channels ,having to adjust rotator more to pick up channels it would never get really good solid picture. Things I tried to correct this are height of antenna +/- 5ft. With or without pre-amp ,checked and rechecked uhf bowtie connection, made sure both sections of UHF/VHF ISOLATION network remained parallel with main boom. last but not least made sure crossover wires did not touch boom or each other.. and still the hbu55 fails to out perform or come close to the hbu33. I tried calling antennacraft with null results.. So question is can u think of anything I could try to improve hbu55 ? Or has anyone else had similar results?..... Again thx in advance ...........Cracker
I'm certain that you are aware that the HBU55 has less beam width. More gain, and less beam width is not always a good thing. Are you using the same balun? I've certainly experienced problems with bad baluns. Trouble shooting can be frustrating. Something else could have gone bad in the change over.

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:welcome: Cracker,

Based on your antenna survey, you are receiving many more stations than I would have predicted. I'd put the HBU-33 back into service.

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It is always good to remember that when dealing with digital TV signal, more is not always better. The digital "cliff" is actually at the high end of signal strength. Too much signal can cause the issues that you describe. I'm with Jim. Return to your previous antenna and enjoy.